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Reconnect with who you really are,

get clear about what you want &

feel energized about your goals.


 You know you are ready for change,

but the thought of getting started feels overwhelming.


You know you want more out of life, but do not know where to begin., Good news! That is what coaching is for!

Let's work together to create a road map for your future

and get you back 'Home'.


Hi! I'm Melanie


Transformational times  can be

very unstable, scary &  lonely.

You are NOT meant to be alone

in this journey.

 It is my privilege  to

 guide you through this

exciting new adventure

that moves you so far forward

that it will make you wonder why

you didn't start sooner :)

Image by iMattSmart

 Personal coaching focuses on

where you are now

and where you want to go.

The entire process 

is about YOU.

  • Boost personal growth & development 

  • Cultivate greater resiliency.

  • Follow through on things you want to do!

  • Reconnect to your purpose & your WHY.

  • Become optimistic about your future .

  • Make clear decisions 

  • Learn how to ‘get out of your own way’

  • Start living from authenticity.

  • Build confidence.

  • Start peacefully living in the moment

  • Master your own mindset.

  • Decrease reactivity and stress.

Bring your dreams.

Bring your fears. 

We can handle them both :)

Confidential Support

 Private coaching is a  personal process where you can explore your  thoughts, desires  and goals with someone who  supports your success.

This is YOUR TIME.

Creating a Plan

We will create a strategy  to achieve YOUR VISION &  put your dreams into action!

Struggling with

your "vision"? 

 We'll tackle that, too!

Your best life is just beginning.


Coaching together can  create the confidence you need to silence doubts, overcome indecision & set yourself up for the win.

  You have the power to change your life... so,


Here's what people are saying:

 Melanie always has the right words at the right time & an amazing outlook on life that made me see EVERYTHING with new eyes.  Goals smashed, life restarted & dreams being made because of her !!! I cannot ever say enough about how much she helped me and made me feel like anything is possible. I LOVE MISS MELANIE! You will, too!! 

Katie R.  / County & School  Social worker 

After 15 years home with my kids I felt like I had no skills & nothing worthwhile to offer the 'real world'. After coaching with Melanie & could finally, and confidently identify my strengths & the things I love to do.  She helped me see past my "woe-is-me" story. She made me feel that spark of hope. My marriage has improved ... as I have improved, I am volunteering, exercising. I am a whole new woman. Hearing her voice every week made me feel like I could rope the moon.  Lordy, what would I have been without her? She's one-in-a-million!!!


Marnie J. / Volunteer, mom, wife

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